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Gain your prospects’ trust with an efficient online presence

Digital Marketing

Need to increase your online traffic in Singapore? We can provide short-term solutions with efficient SEM campaigns (Google/Facebook) or mid/long-term strategies with the latest best practices in the industry.

Web Design

From the web development to on-site repairs, we provide neat, quick and efficient web design solutions that don't cost you an arm. Maybe just one or two interns but without the hassle of explaining to them how to use the printer.

Conversational Commerce

Imagine an employee that works for almost free 24/7, doesn't need a visa nor CPF. Please don't call MOM, we are talking about chatbots here. Click and see what's beyond the hype and what value it can bring to your business.

Stop overpaying for your business digitisation

It is now possible to have an efficient website with quality traffic without spending all your savings. Choose quality and proven methods to build your online presence.


How to outsource your Digital Marketing

Plan and build a successful digital marketing strategy that is adapted to your target audience and your business model. Invest now in becoming future-proof.

Who we are

Digital Pigu is a Singaporean digital Agency with its office located in the city centre at Impact Hub, the coolest co-working space in town. Our co-workers include Braintree (Paypal), Mashable and many others.

Our specialisation? We assist start-ups and SMEs in designing & implementing affordable digital solutions that fit their business. MNCs looking for quick POCs are welcome.

Our digital marketing solutions in Singapore are fitted for Startups and SME's. We know that you are not Lazada and you don't have their budget either.

More than a digital agency, we are able to understand your business model and your customers as well. We are available for in-person meetings at our awesome co-working. Coffee and tea are on us.

Customer-focus approached. And I mean both our customers (you) and your customers. Again, digital marketing is just a tool, no ``silver bullet`` promises here.

The digital world is changing fast and very frequently. That’s why we keep ourselves updated with the latest digital best practices (and also because we’re a team of lifelong learners).