Entrepreneurs and business owners, we heard you!

It’s easy for business owners to work on their product and engaging with their customers face-to-face. Because they usually know their product very well and are confident about it. But when it comes choosing the digital tools, it can quickly become scary. There are many solutions available and as many service providers trying to catch your attention.

But how do you sort out the signal from the noise? Because choosing is to renounce, entrepreneurs can feel powerless and be paralysed. And when they overcome the paralysis and finally decide to go with one option, they are often disappointed and frustrated.

That’s when we step in. Let us swim through the overwhelming flow of information and choose the best solutions for you and implement them while you focus on what you are good at. No need to learn new skills, let us take care of your digital choirs.

Get the best of digital tools without having to understand all the technical aspects. You just need to understand the high-level concepts and mechanisms and save space in your brain for things that matter.

Become more confident in taking digital decisions.


We love to learn and we learn from our parents (‘mistakes)

For years, busy entrepreneurs have been being overpaying their digital services because they would simply not bother comparing different providers or asking themselves whether they needed all the “comfort” features.

My father was once quoted 20,000 euros for a simple showcase website for his offline business. Fortunately, I convinced him to let me do it and the result was more than satisfying. And it costs me only a few weeks to learn, set up the website and polish the design.

Since then, I learned much more digital skills from designing logos, covers, using complex layout and finding solutions for complex problems. It’s always about learning to be more efficient by automating basic operations. We have a seek-to-understand approach rather than the usual Subject Matter Expert (SME) approach. Why? Because in an ultra-fast-moving world, you never keep you expert title very long, unless you keep learning and practising every week.

We admit that we don’t know everything. However, we are problem solvers with a high sense of customer service. We are here to help you succeed in your business by providing tailor-made solutions for your problems. How do we do that? We listen to understand, not to build a non-sense quotation to charge you more. If your business succeeds, we succeeded as well.

Give us a chance, come to your awesome co-working space in the city centre at 128 Prinsep street (Impact hub). We use a collaborative approach, meaning that we are transparent in our methods and explain to you what we do during the whole process.

Our clients choose to work with us because we empower them with efficient digital strategies and tools so that they can focus on growing their core business. If you can outsource your delivery and your support at efficient rates and quality services, why would it not be the same for website design and digital marketing?