Conversational Commerce

“Conversational commerce is the art of using messaging platforms to do business”

Kevin Wang (the guy who made this website).

What is Chatbot?

Since 2016, Facebook Messenger and other messaging platforms have enabled the option to “chat” with bots in order to complete specific tasks from ordering food, schedule meetings to fetching information like a Google & Siri.

This follows another important trend of the web 3.0 which is Contextual commerce. Contextual commerce aims at giving the consumer what he wants, before him asking for it at the best prices and with the minimum efforts.

In this sense, conversational commerce considerably helps to reduce the efforts for ordering a product or getting information by adapting to one’s way of expressing its intent. Plus, the massive amount of data being collected by chatbot allows to provide more and more accurate predictive analysis.

How to grow your business using Conversational commerce?

Conversational commerce is mainly automated customer service (chatbot) that your customers can talk to without the need of human intervention.

Building a chatbot for your website will benefit to people who received too many inquiries about the same questions over and over. It will help shop owners who have high purchase frequency with similar orders.

For consumers, it is a faster way to order a recurring order without having to commit to a monthly subscription and also to find the information they want with no efforts.

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